Chocolates by Leopold excels at helping your group or organization make money. We offer several fundraiser options, one of which is certain to address your needs. For groups desiring a prepackaged fundraiser, we supply seasonal catalog offerings. Our experience as a fundraising company means you don’t have to worry or have a huge time commitment. You will end up with each sellers order packaged individually. So, go sell—make money—leave the hassle to us.

If you want a quick and easy fundraiser, then go paperless! We send you these prepackaged fundraisers in bulk. You simply hand each seller a small box and send them off to deliver product and collect the money—all in one easy step. No further mailings to us; you keep the proceeds.

Need a special fundraiser for charity or some other purpose? We’ve done custom fundraisers as well. We’ll be happy to discuss your options at your convenience. Just contact us or call (570) 278-1230.